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Perito is a collaborative of the Amsterdam UMC research group Professional Performance & Compassionate Care (PP&CC) and IT developer Nebu. Together they bring decades of expertise in research and software development.


'Curious, committed, practical, value-driven'

The Research group Professional Performance & Compassionate Care (PP&CC), led by Prof.dr. Kiki Lombarts, has been researching the professional performance of doctors for more than 10 years. The PP&CC researchers are curious about what determines good performance of doctors, what drives them and gives them energy, what they find professional satisfaction in and what challenges they encounter in their profession. The measuring instruments that are offered via Perito Professional Performance originate from the research group PP&CC. They have been developed together with doctors and have already been used by thousands of medical specialists and A(N)IOS doctors, in the Netherlands and abroad. New tools are always being developed to support the clinical and training practice of physicians.


'Doctors with a cool head and warm heart'

Researchers and doctors find each other in the scientific approach to performance and in the shared ambition to provide high-quality patient care and medical further education.
On the website of the research group PP&CC you can read about our publications, dissertations and (ongoing) projects.


‘Innovative, customer-oriented, flexible’

For over 25 years, Nebu an innovative software builder. Under the leadership of founder Eric van Velzen, Nebu has created and produces software for collecting, managing and reporting information for many large companies in the Netherlands and abroad. Security and reliability of data collection, processing and storage meets all requirements. Nebu is ISO


Together is more fun

In their approach, the developers are always looking for the best solution for the customer. The thinking customer is appreciated. They rarely sell. A full-time help desk is available for user queries.